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Christmas decorations from CM Customs

Christmas items from CM Customs are the perfect mixture of value, uniqueness and style. No matter what you buy from us you’re sure to love it. Whether it’s a wood slice ornament, a custom made baby block ornament or a decoration.

What sets CM Customs apart?

One of the things we love about working with natural products is that they all have a special character that makes them a little different. So what does that mean? When looking at wood products they will have a slightly different wood grain and pattern, the colors can vary slightly, and for a wood slices the shape is different. We love that there are differences and that they all look great!

What Christmas decorations do we make?

  • Wood slice ornaments
    • All of which can be custom made for you! Just ask us for a quote on what you want.
  • Baby block ornaments custom made for your little ones first Christmas
  • Nativity scenes
  • Home or office decorations