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Unique Tile Coasters made from beautiful travertine

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Travertine tile coasters

Hey everybody, it’s Clarence with CM Customs. Thank you so much for hanging out with me for a few minutes to learn a little bit more about our travertine tile Coasters.

What do people love about our tile coasters?

One of the things we really like about our Travertine tile coasters is the same thing that our customers like about them. They just have a really unique, really cool look and feel to them.

Each one’s different because it is a natural product and not a man-made item. And you might be wondering what exactly that means to say that they’re unique, that each one’s a little bit different. Because they’re all just 4-inch square tiles, right?

Travertine tile stone coaster Oklahoma retro multi color

What makes them different is that they are natural stone. If you’ve looked at rocks, you’ll know they’re all a little bit different, even though they’re the same kind of rock. On these tiles, there’s gonna be different holes, different features and even different colorations to them. While you can tell they’re all travertine tile, each one’s different and that’s just a part of their beauty.

They also have a really nice weight to them. It’s not a lightweight product. It doesn’t feel cheap, and it has a luxurious feel to it.

Our customers also appreciate that they get a unique item that’s not coming from a big box retailer like Walmart, HomeGoods, target or Amazon. They get to buy tile coasters from  local artisans that print their own designs onto a tile.

How are they made?

So how exactly do we make these travertine tile coasters? We start with the blank tiles, clean them thoroughly and then print them on our high-quality, full-color UV printer. If you don’t know what that is, don’t feel bad because most people have no idea what a UV printer is. It’s kind of like your home printer except on steroids.

It allows us to print on virtually any surface and we have a full color range. So we’re not limited to having just one or two colors, we get to print every color we would want directly onto whatever the object we want. And that gives us a lot of versatility and to be able to bring you a product that will speak to you.

Oklahoma heritage

Since were Made in Oklahoma company, with my wife and I being lifetime Oklahomans’, we love doing things that speak to our state. Things that have an Oklahoma feel to them, things that we like about the state and scenery that inspires us.

Travertine tile stone coaster Oklahoma sunset buffalo

That’s why one of our most popular items is our sunset buffalo coasters. Our Sunset Buffalo design uses the same beautiful range of colors that you’ll see at sunset in Oklahoma. Because you know that Oklahoma has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning a little about our inspiration, process and what people love about our travertine tile coasters. I’m honored that you took some time to hear from me today and I hope that you come back for more!