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Focus on the positive

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Motivation Monday focus on the positive

Focus on the positive

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I like to be a positive person full of the Joy of the Lord. ?It’s hard to be positive and joyful when my mind is focused on the negative. You can’t focus on the negative and expect positive results. Even when I’m facing a bad situation I always try to find something to be thankful for; not being thankful for that bad thing but thankful for some aspect of what I can learn or eventually gain from the situation. ?When we continually set our minds on good and positive things, it’s easier to be positive when the bad times come. It’s so much easier to overcome things when we aren’t down and negative. Feel free to share this post with anyone you think could use encouragement, or if you need prayer please reach out to us.

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What is your favorite quote or scripture to help you through hard times? ~Missy